Not ignoring injustice

I want to contribute

  • to make the invisible visible
  • that oppressed people get a vote
  • that uncomfortable facts are pronounced
  • that people get back their dignity
  • to achieve genuine gender equality
  • to free people from slavery
  • human trafficking in Europe is stopped


Besides local activities this website is my contribution. It should bundle information, facilitate networks and motivate them to participate. I report on current activities, legal developments and introduce the various groups and their achievements in the fight against human trafficking.


I am Andrea and live in the middle of Germany. After completing my studies, it was important to me that I use my energy in some way for people without a voice. I could not look the other way around the subject of human trafficking and slavery and thus created this page as my contribution.

If you find out more about the problem by reading the reports and talk about it whenever possible, an important goal has already been reached. I look forward to all comments and ideas.

By what means?

This site makes a living by all the great groups and activities that are committed to this cause in Europe. If your group is not listed here, please drop me a note and I’ll get in touch with you shortly.