Creating more awareness

Are you interested in educating others about the issue of human trafficking and modern slavery? Then set a mark in your calendar as The NO project is providing lots of material in May 2019! They plan to upload FREE teaching material – designed for teachers of 16+ years, young adults and adults whose first language is not English.

All material is based on true stories and focuses on diverse aspects of human trafficking and modern slavery. Step by step teachers guides, videos, art, slides. All material was created in collaboration with the Rights Lab, University of Nottingham. The material has already been piloted in Mexico, Brazil, Greece, New Zealand and the UK. If you are interested to pilot this material too, send them a message!

Trafficking in Persons Report 2018 is now available

The recently published US Government report deals with the issue of human trafficking worldwide and has a number of topics again this year. So e. g., it highlights the spread of trafficking in a more rural area of Canada, or presents various models of how to make victims and survivors strong in order not to fall into that trap again.

The controversial topic of “domestic servitude” in diplomatic families is also highlighted and how governments deal with it. The entire report can be found directly on the website of the U.S. Department of State.

A21 opens new office in Spain!

A21 is setting foot on the Iberian Peninsula and opens an office in Barcelona.

Many people in Spain do not know that human trafficking exists. So this office is a great possibility to educate the public and protect vulnerable people from becoming victims. Congratulations A21!

Do you know the STOP APP?

The STOP APP is the first app of its kind to combine community empowerment, big data management and anti-trafficking expertise to disrupt and prevent human trafficking. It’s provided by STOP THE TRAFFIK, a UK-based NGO.

The STOP APP can be downloaded by any individual in the world with a smartphone and empowers everybody who has seen or heard a situation they believe to be linked to human trafficking or modern slavery to share their story, safely and securely.

Every story, no matter how small, whether current or historic, is important and relevant. What’s more, it may be the missing piece of a bigger picture.

Learn more about the STOP APP and start making a difference with this helpful tool.